Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Solo Churros

Another churros place I've tried recently is Solo Churros which is located in Burj Jassim.  I've just tried their mini dipped churros because they were available in store when I passed by before futoor time.  They were quite good, soft with delicious fillings.  I don't know which ones I got, I asked to have a combination of the kinds available.  But I do know I really liked the chocolate dipped one.  Their original churros is really really really good! I can't wait to get them again. They do delivery.
مشروع جوروز ثاني جربته هو محل سولو جوروز في برج جاسم.  جربت الميني جوروز المغطى والمحشى كان حلو.   أما الأوريجينال كان وايد لذيذ.  عندهم خدمة توصيل للمنازل .
Ferrero Roche, chocolate lotus, red velvet, white chocolate lotus, .... 
Original churros with milk chocolate and nutella sauces 
Address: Burj Jassim, Ground floor
Tel.: 22960097
facebook: solo churros
twitter: @solochurros
Instagram: solochurros


ILLREEM Designs is a crystal adorned baguette and shoe home business.  I just got my order which I placed a while ago.  Its a low waist belt with a baguette which also has a strap if you want to wear it as a cross or shoulder bag. Very cute!  The designer also makes a baguette in a size that can hold your Samsung Galaxy cell phone.  Make sure to choose what size you want they can be a bit tiny.  You can also choose two to three bags in the same belt with different sizes.
طلبت جنطة صغيرة من مشروع الريم ديزاينز اللي هو مشروع متخصص بالجناط الصغيرة والأحذية المزينه بالكريستال.  وتقدر المصممه تصمم جنطة بحجم يشيل تلفون سامسونج جالكسي أو الحجم المطلوب أو عدد 2 الى 3 جناط بأحجام مختلفة.
For orders call: 90913398
Instagram: illreemdesigns
Twitter: illreemdesigns
facebook: illreem designs

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Peony

The Peony is a new flower, gifts, and wedding planning  business in Kuwait and for now they take orders by telephone.  I like the name of the business, one because its simple, and two because it has the name of my favorite flower.  I just came across their girgeean gathering pictures in instagram, and they're so beautiful.
 ذا بيوني هو مشروع ورد وهدايا وتصميم الأعراس جديد في الكويت. عجبني اسم المشروع لأنه بسيط وحلو ولأنه يحتوي على اسم وردتي المفضله.  واللي عجبني أكثر غير شغلهم الحلو هو مواعين القرقيعان الموجودة في انستجرام.
 صينية ليمعات وقبقات رمضن
للطلب: 99371775

Novella Bakery

Novella Bakery recently opened in Burj Jassim to everyone's relief. This country can never have enough bakeries, especially in Ramadan, when everything is sold out before Futoor or Ghabgas.  I went and found some of their stuff left and got myself the nutella trifle and the mini ones.  Its really good, I need to try their other stuff, hopefully if I find any left.
 فتح محل الكيك نوفيلا في برج جاسم من فترة قصيرة لحسن حظنا. الديرة محتاجة لمحلات حلو أكثر خاصة في رمضان. خذيتلي ترايفل النوتيلا مع قلاصات الميني نوتيلا وكان لذيذ. ودي أجرب الأنواع الثانية لكن كثير من الأشياء مخلص.
 Mini Nutella
 Nutella Trifle
Address: Burj Jassim, Ground Floor, Opposite CBK.
Tel.: 22960603
Instagram: novella_bakery

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let us Cheer our Kuwaiti Athletes!

We are very proud of our Kuwaiti Athletes and that our country has been approved of in the London Olympics 2012.  Total of 10 athletes will be competing in various sports and today 2 of them will be on for table tennis (Ibrahem AlHassan) and shooting (Maryam Arzooqi).
فخورين بعيال ديرتنا واللي أخيرا عطوهم الاذن يشاركون في أولمبيات 2012. عدد الرياضيين 10 و2 منهم بيبارون اليوم في الرمايه وطاولة التيتيس.
Faye Sultan is the first woman from her country who will be competing in the swimming event.

Girgeean Giveaways The Boudoir Loves

Every year we see how shops, businesses, and individuals work hard on producing lovely Girgeean giveaways for family and friends.  This year is no exception. Girgeean is a Kuwaiti tradition of candy giving during the holy month of Ramadan, children wearing colorful traditional wear, walk around areas and knock on doors and sing to them in order to get some candy and chocolates, very similar to trick or treating.  These are my favorite Girgeean giving businesses and their creations for this year.
كل سنه نشوف المشاريع والناس تقدم أحلى تصاميم القرقيعان يقدمونها للأهل والأصدقاء ونفس الشي هالسنه الكل قاعد يفنتق.  هذه 
صور هدايا القرقيعان اللي حبيتهم لهذه السنه.

 Fleur  قرقيعان من محل فلور في فرع جمعية النزهه الطلب من موقع
أو الاتصال على 99638855
  Madame Sucre قرقيعان
الطلب 99515599
   في جمعيه منطقة الزهراءVilla des Fleurs قرقيعان محل الطلب من موقع

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simply Divine

Simply Divine is a new home business specialized in churros baking among other finger sweets.  In case you've never heard of churros, they're Spanish donut like pastries that are served usually with thick hot chocolate and sprinkled with sugar.  Coming back recently from Spain, I've been having churros on a daily basis, so I'm glad I get to have them in Kuwait also. I tried both the Original Churros (topped with cinnamon and brown sugar) and Nutella filled churros.  They're both delicious but the original is the yummiest out of the two.  You have to order a day ahead by sending an SMS or Whatsapp 55799328.
سمبلي ديفاين هو مشروع منزلي كويتي جديد يتخصص بالحلوى الإسبانية الـ"جورو" والتي تشبه الدونات وتقدم عادة مع شراب الكاكاو الثقيل جدا.  الطلبية تكون عن طريق ارسال مسج أو واتس آب قبل يوم على رقم 55799328
Follow Simply Divine on
Instagram: simply_divine_kw
Twitter: SimplyDivineKw

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank You 52 Degrees

Fifty Two 52 Degrees is currently hosting a Ramadan Exhibition for Ramadan kaftans and home accessories from Kuwaiti designers.  The exhibition is from 16 -26th July 2012 in their location in Al Tilal Complex.  I got this sweet invite from them, will definitely pass by and make sure you do too.

معرض 52 ديجريز الرمضاني للدراعات الرمضانية والأكسسوارات المنزاية لمصممات كويتيات من 16-26 يوليو 2012 بمحلهم في 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

WHITExpo Ramadan 2012

WHITExpo will officially open on the 29-31st July 2012 in 360 Mall. The expo's theme is all about Going Green, supporting recycling. Their symbol, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, is The Make A Wish Tree. Visitors who join in the event will make orphan's wishes come true. WHITExpo is currently working on shooting a short Ad that will be out this week.  Hoping everyone gets the chance to check out what the expo is all about, at least for the great causes they are promoting.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My stay at Hotel Missoni - Kuwait (Part I)

I finally stayed at the newest five star Hotel Missoni I've been wanting to stay in even before its opening.  the second designer hotel created by Missoni, the fashion designer company, the first being in Scotland.  I'm really proud of Kuwait's best hotel, is which We got two rooms, the Missoni Maggiore suite and the standard Missoni room.  And what a fabulous stay, making use of the spa, restaurant, and cafe, it felt like we have left the country.  The suite, the rooms I slumbered in, had a separate living room with a small dining table, and an additional smaller bathroom. All hotel bathrooms have a built in TV!  Bang and Olufsen TVs, two in the suite, are available in all hotel rooms.
Maggiore Missoni Suite

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Laduree Glace

For a time I've been eyeing pictures of the delicious looking ice cream topped macaroons available at Laduree.  As you may know I'm a big fan of gelato and ice cream, and its summer and HOT, so I had to get us some from Laduree in 360 Mall.  I chose chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, violet, raspberry,caramel, and rose.  They're all really really good, and my favorite of all was the violet, as in violet flower, its so fragrant and delicious!  Next comes vanilla and pistachio.  Everyone hated the chocolate, it was too bitter, not even the black dark chocolate gelato with zero milk tasted this bitter.
Pistachio, Vanilla, and Violet

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roka - London, UK

The Japanese restaurant, Roka, a sibling to the popular also Japanese Zuma, is known for its robata grill dishes.  There are two locations in London, and a branch located a continent away in Honk Kong.  I went for the Charlotte Street location because it was located quite close to oxford street, and chose to sit on the bar, although the weather was so beautiful the outdoor seating was calling out for me.  Loved the contemporary design especially the wood bar, which is the reason I was attracted to it.  The food was just perfect, and the dessert even more. In the dessert selection, Roka fuses Japanese with French which was a wow factor.
Black sesame mochi ice cream with cherry blossom macaroons
Address: 37 Charlotte Street
Opening times: 12:00-3:30 pm (12:30 weekend) , 5:30 - 11:30 pm (dinner closed on Sunday)