Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teasmith - London, UK

My favorite "chill hideout" in London.  Its a bit far from the center of London (20-25 min drive), if I'm not mistaken its located in Liverpool.  Teasmith is a really quiet teabar, where you indulge in an Asian tea ceremony, but rather than sitting on the floor, you sit high up on a bar chair.  You get several infusions of the leaves you choose, meaning you'll be sitting for a while just to drink tea.  You drink using Asian cups in the Asian way with Asian ingredients made the Asian way.  Loved the dessert I ordered, sugared shortbread with matcha (Japanese tea) & honey green dip.  I loved the dip so much being a fan of matcha!  The tea I ordered is the Lu Shan (Jin Xuan) which has a milky taste.  I totally recommend it.  I also got a complimentary fruity tea while having my tea.  The tea maker is very well informed and knowledgeable on Asian tea, she talked a lot about it.  They also have the new afternoon tea, by order only, so call them beforehand to reserve.  Its worth it if you're looking for solitude, alone time, and if you're in need of detoxing yourself.  Teasmith teas are also available at William Curley Cafe in Belgravia.
You can buy your own tea
Lu Shan tea
Shortbread with Matcha & Honey Dip
Address:  6 Lamb Street, E1 6EA, London
Opening times: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tel.:  020 7247 1333

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