Thursday, June 14, 2012

L'Artisan Parfumeur

I recently came across and began to prefer perfumes from the French fragrance brand L'Artisan Parfumeur.  I've known about it for a long time of course but never thought of checking the fragrances out, until now, when I found their boutique while shopping at Covent Garden.  My favorites are the Amber (my all time favorite scent) and Traversee Du Bosphore, which is as the name suggests, is Turkish inspired and smells of Turkish delight.  Another product I liked, was the solid perfume set in a tiny lip balm like container, because its rare to find solid perfumes nowadays in brands we like.   
Solid perfumes


  1. I absolutely adore this brand, and those are my 2 favorite favorite scents as well!!! I didn't know they sold the solid ones, you just made my day by sharing that information. I wonder if I can find those on line since I don't want to wait to go to London or Dubai. Btw they now carry it in Dubai, at the Bloomingdales perfume boutique that is right outside of bloomingdales on the ground floor :)

    1. Thanks! I didn't know it was sold in Dubai:) actually in the solid perfumes they have a few of their popular scents and the two we like sadly have no solid perfume;/ hope they have one in the near future