Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Butcher's Den

If you follow my blog, you  would know by now that Ahmad Al-Bader is my favorite Kuwaiti chef, and I trust every restaurant he opens.  His creations never fail to astonish me.  I haven't seen or heard a lot about the The Butcher's Den, so I wanted to check it out.  The interiors' theme were perfect for a grill restaurant, with cow motifs seen everywhere, maybe viewed comedic at first.  They first serve us with complementary white cotton candy, which we think is sprinkled with a spice, perhaps black pepper. I'm not a fan of cotton candy and found myself hoovering the whole thing.  We weren't dissapointed with the dishes, we liked everything, and the only thing that saddened me was that I saw a lot of menu items that I wanted to order but couldn't because we ordered so much!
 Complimentary cotton candy
Purple potato matchsticks
Macaroni & cheese (the added bacon bits was what made this dish special)
Choose your own knife
Wagyu steak with my choice of peppercorn sauce
I think the chocolate souffle had strawberry in it
Address: Al Bida', near Melanzane restaurant
Tel.: 22263140
Opening times: 8:00-11:30pm (for now only)


  1. alaaaaah! mouthwatering! i want to go but I'm barely having time to go out lately ;( *cries*

    1. You have to! Make time for it, it's worth it

  2. I'm going there today for the first time! So glad I read this post!

    Btw your travel posts are KILLING me! Allah yhaneeech :**