Monday, March 12, 2012

A Visit to Becarre

I'm having some work done in the house, so I've been practically living in interior design and furniture shops.  I've been meaning to visit Becarre for some time, so when I learned about the new collection I jumped to the opportunity to visit. Am I glad I did, got some great art pieces and accesories.  The shop is better described as an art museum or gallery.  The theme of most of the display is traditional Kuwait turned into a modern piece.
Address: Salmiya, Salem Al-Mubarak St., North Salmiya Building, on top of the old Bhs. There's a lift under the stairs that takes you straight to the shop.
Tel.: 25757725


  1. I called them and asked about the bookshelf and they told me the price is 980 KD, why? There exaggerating.

    1. That's the prices of furniture..the owner is an established designer or more than a decade..I expected It to be around 1000

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  3. Wow! The place looks amazing!

  4. i loved the place. artistic! and the outdoor seatings, dreamy! i personally loved the pearl coffee cups and boxes!