Sunday, March 4, 2012

Passticeria F.ille Freni - Milan, Italy

A pastry shop worth visiting is Passticeria F.ille Freni, located on the corner of one of the streets facing the Duomo Cathedral and piazza.  It has all the Sicilian and traditional Italian pastries, cakes, sweets, candies, and gelato.  I'm crazy about Sicilian sweets, mainly the canolli and the cassata Siciliana, which is the reason I keep getting the cassata flavor in gelato shops.  So I got the canolli, cassata, and other goodies from this small pastry shop, including gelato, which is much better than some of the gelato I had in the city.  The shop is famous for its marzipan.
 Dark chocolate, hazelnut, and almond gelato.
Address:  Via Beccaria, 3.


  1. *sigh* best gelato ever, i swear when i was in florence if there wasnt a cooking classes id live on ice cream if my tummy accepts it

    1. Ooooh you were there for cooking classes! That so interesting..sigh we need real gelato shops in this country