Thursday, March 1, 2012

Travel Advice: Le Tre Gazzelle - Milan, Italy

Le Tre Gazzelle in Milan, is your typical tourist cafe.  It is located behind the Duomo cathedral, very near to Rosa Grand Hotel and Gelateria Vanilla.  The reason I am mentioning this cafe is because we were told that they have alcohol free tiramisu and that it was really good, plus they use beef for the spagetti bolonaise. They've got good  gelato too (all cafes do). This place is really nice to sit in whether you're alone waiting for your shopping companions while sip a cup of coffee, or have lunch/dinner while looking at the street's passerbys.
Exactly facing Le Tre Gazzelle is another similar cafe, which I sadly didn't get its name.  I just want to say they have one of the yummiest thick hot chocolate I ever had.  Very much similar to the chocolate you have with Spain's churros!

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