Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bed Supperclub - Bangkok, Thailand

The greatest dining experience in Bangkok was in Bed Supperclub.  Yes its one of Florida's Beds branches.  It is a restaurant, club, art gallery, theater, and stage.  There is no table seating during the weekends, you remove you shoes and lay down on a bed.  Advanced booking trough their website is required for dinner.  It is important that you ask for a bed downstairs for better viewing.  You have to be there before 8:30 PM and you'll have the rules and directions sent to you by email if you have booked through their website. They serve a surprise four course set menu in the weekends and you can ask not to be served drinks or if you can't eat a specific dish, like in my case, I asked to have pork-free dishes.  Keep in mind, during the weekends, you cannot know what you'll be served, after you eat the dish, you will know what the dish was through their huge screen. Their food is extremely good, they serve contemporary Western and Asian dishes. You have to check with them beforehand what you have to wear beforehand, there's a dresscode of course, but their might be a specific dresscode for that specific day, like an all-white dresscode.  Also in the weekends, there's a surprise special performances.  There's a feet masseuse also to tend for you while you watch the stage performance.  A DJ with the latest beats during the performance breaks, at the time of each course.  I have gone on a weekend, so I don't know how it is during the weekdays.  I do recommend booking on a weekend for the specials.  After the dinner ends, the place turns into a club.


  1. all your travel posts kills me, i kind of day dream when i see the pictures and then suddenly "SNAP" back to reality and i realize im at work!

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