Saturday, March 24, 2012

Travel Advice: At The Top - Dubai, UAE

If you still haven't experienced the At The Top experience at Burj Khalifa, then you should, and maybe follow it with afternoon tea at Atmosphere.  Its a brief experience, except for the queue, you spent time standing in queue more than being At The Top.  Its not "over the top", but its just a thing you should see and be part of.  Being on top and in open air overlooking Dubai, is exhilarating.  My friends just liked taking shots up there, I on the other hand felt like I accomplished something.  I have stayed at Armani HotelBurj Khalifa a few months ago, but never felt like I was in the tallest building in the world.  At The Top made me feel like I'm on top of the world.  Purchase tickets for an early entry, to avoid the long queues, at least a week ahead (early timings are always fully booked), and make sure to check the weather forecasts.


  1. *sigh* i cant even explain the love i have for dubai

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