Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Travel Advice: Giacomo Arengario Restaurant - Milan, Italy

A new restaurant that opened last year and became an instant hit with the Milanese very popular that you need to book at leat two days ahead is Giacomo Arengario Restaurante in the low seasons.  The restaurant was designed by Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini in the 1930s style of the Fascist building. The owner Giacomo Bulleri and his family are well-known restaurenteurs in the area. Its located above the Museo del Novecento in a building overlooking Piazza del Duomo.  You will find food you like here.  Try reserving a table at the terrace to enjoy views of the piazza and the cathedral.
 Bvlgari sparkling water and complimentary bruschetta
 Ravioli dish
 Veal dish
Address: Via Marconi 1 angolo Piazza Duomo
Tel.: +39 02 7209 3814


  1. i hear ravioli, sadly i didnt pass by milan during my short trip bas inshalah im planning for a next one

  2. Delicious post!
    Would love to go to Milan someday :)