Sunday, January 1, 2012

Venchi Chocolates - Milan, Italy

When I was in Milan, I came across this little chocolate shop called Venchi by chance.  We actually visited this shop every single day whether to get chocolates or to check if we were lucky enough to get a hold of their always sold out gelato.  Sadly we never had the chance to try their popular gelato.  As for their chocolates, I brought back a travel bag filled with boxes of their chocolates, as gifts to friends and to fulfill my addiction.  Branches of Venchi are found around some of Italy's cities.  The one in Milan is located really close to Piazza del Duomo, and you will also find it in Malpensa airport.
 I highly recommend these two chocolates
Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Spreads- A Must!
Location in Center of Milan: Via Mengoni 1, angolo Via Tommaso Grossi

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