Friday, January 27, 2012

Travel Advice: Gelato in Milan, Italy

Gelato is everywhere in Milan, Italy, and you can never have enough gelato.  There are lots of stores I wasn't able to try because there wasn't enough time or they were far away from our accomodation.  As you may have noticed, I combined one of the older posts in this post.  And I'll write two more posts with places that have good gelato.

Grom is one of the most popular gelato shops in Milan, they have five branches scattered around the city, including the one near Dogana Del Buongusto restaurant (previous post), one in Via S. Margherita (near Piazza Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II), and on Corso Buenos Aires, the longest shopping street in Milan. I had the darker than dark chocolate (without milk) and Cassata Siciliana. The first chosen flavor was a mistake, it was way too bitter. The latter was better than I could have imagined, tastes exactly like the Cassata Siciliana pastry, a lemony and orange ricotta flavor. In another visit I had the normal dark chocolate and it was just perfect.
Lato G
Nearby on Via Santa Margherita 14/16, is another gelato store called Lato G.  Even with the weather being freezing cold I couldn't help but try the lemon mint sorbet gelato, because lemon mint was my favorite juice.  It tasted as refreshing as the real juice, in my opinion would be best eaten in the summer.  Of course, dark chocolate was my second flavor.
Gelateria Vanilla
Gelateria Vanilla is located on the same street as the side door (lounge cafe) of Starhotel Rosa Grand.  Gelato here was also good.  The Cassatta Siciliana and dark chocolate were my choices again.
Il Massimo Del Gelato
I've been dying to visit this gelateria but didn't have the time to.  It's one of the best gelaterias in Milan. It closes on Mondays.
Address: Via Castelvetro, 18

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard about this home business.  Crunchy.  I didn't, until my friend brought their yummy mini burgers to one of my gatherings.  I don't care what you guy think, I personally liked the burgers so much.  There was a crunchy mix and a really tasty sauce inside the buns.  We also had their crispy potato chips that came with a dip.  The business looks really professional, I skimmed through their menu and liked what I saw, the pictures and the array of salads and other dishes, salty or dessert they create.
For order call: 99227244

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lily & D

My experience in Lily & D Nail Care was a really good one.  Its located in AlGhawali Mall, the mall facing AlRaya Mall.  A really quite small complex.  The interiors were nice! Peaceful and simple, with a large flat screen showing E!.  I went for the Go Natural manicure and pedicure.  A fruity (might have been fresh) treatment.  My friend recommended it.  The manicurists did a really good thorough job, again I know I always give positive reviews, but I do mean it.  Their nail polish collections and colors are up to date, I had a hard time choosing. Only con about the place is parking.
 Tel.: 22441585

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Travel Advice: My Stay at Hotel Straf - Milan, Italy

The second hotel I stayed in was Hotel Straf, a hotel that was number one on my list if I ever visited Milan, Italy.  The best location, even closer than Rosa Grand, its door facing the famous department store La Rinascente and exactly by the Duomo Cathedral.  An extremely trendy modern design boutique hotel and its a member of the Design Hotels. I am surprised that its a 4-star hotel, it felt like it was 5-stars.

I loved the room, which I have chosen carefully, called the Well Being room. A room fitted with a Japanese massage armchair, complete wih aroma and cromotherapy.  The massage chair is seperated from the bedroom by a glass wall and door.  When you're in the chair you can dim the lights and use the relaxing blue tiny star-like lighting.  You can choose the aroma and enjoy your massage.  Perfection.  The pitch black bathroom is a piece or art which you can see from the picture.  The service was excellent couldn't have asked for better service.  I recommend this hotel to design lovers and the trendy.  Definitely not suited for children and people not accustomed to the unique different use of things especially the bathroom where you have to reach down to the extremely low sink.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

World's Highest Ferris Wheel

You may have heard that the world's tallest Ferris wheel is found in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer, which was completed in 2008.  If not then you know now.  Each of its capsules hold up to 28 passengers.  You can also get a butler service dining in a capsule for $1000.

Enough about Singapore, the newest attraction to the Ferris wheel world is China's Guangzhou TV Tower Ferris wheel which opened in August of last year.  As you may notice its notyour typical Ferris wheel and has smaller capsules.
Las Vegas, Caesar's Entertainment, announced plans to build the tallest Ferris wheel, even taller than that of Singapore.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Venchi Chocolates - Milan, Italy

When I was in Milan, I came across this little chocolate shop called Venchi by chance.  We actually visited this shop every single day whether to get chocolates or to check if we were lucky enough to get a hold of their always sold out gelato.  Sadly we never had the chance to try their popular gelato.  As for their chocolates, I brought back a travel bag filled with boxes of their chocolates, as gifts to friends and to fulfill my addiction.  Branches of Venchi are found around some of Italy's cities.  The one in Milan is located really close to Piazza del Duomo, and you will also find it in Malpensa airport.
 I highly recommend these two chocolates
Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Spreads- A Must!
Location in Center of Milan: Via Mengoni 1, angolo Via Tommaso Grossi