Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank You Velvet Butterflies

A couple of days ago, I was pampered by the new beauty home business Velvet Butterflies (post with brochure).  As a thank you for writing a post about them previously, I got a complimentary session of either a relaxing massage or a manicure/pedicure, and I chose the latter.  The manicurist came a few minutes earlier than the booking time to set up the pretty lavender themed nail spa complete with candles and loose petals.  She was super sweet and her work was pretty thorough! She made sure that my nails were more than perfect while giving me the Velvet Manicure & Pedicure. Their nail polish was all Zoya and she used O.P.I. base and top coats.  If you're interested you can purchase O.P.I. and Zoya nail polish colors.   The treatments used on my nails were some of the best products I have come across not even supplied in most nail salons in Kuwait.  Overall, my impression was that I thought the services provided were really good and the manicurist did an excellent job on my nail.  Thank you very much Velvet Butterflies.
Tel.: 65868080


  1. THank u for posting about us :) that was so thoughtful of :) our goal is to ensure our customers' satisfaction ... Velvet Butterflies Team

  2. You're most welcome. Thank you for pampering me and for you excellent service:)

  3. Allow me to share my (short-lived) experience with VB.
    I've called to book for an appointment 2 days prior, the person who answered me said it was ok, and she would call again and confirm, she took my number.. but..
    (no call)
    day after: I call several times, no one answers
    the day of my so-called appointment: some1 finally answers and tells me they're fully booked !? (WTH?) she said it was the secretary who answered me in the beginning and she's not available (whatever..)
    I keep calling and calling and NO ANSWER !
    - after all, it's just "virtual" home service people