Saturday, November 12, 2011


Pizza means only one thing, too many calories. I had to ignore that fact and try the new pizza place in Al Shaab AlBahri area called Homeslice.  I have to thank eb6ainiya blog for that, after readin the post I just had to grab me a piece. So I went for takeaway.  We ordered a half & half pizza, which you can do, half of which was "Orginal" and half " Tri Cheese".  The takeaway pizza box was humongous thus making up for the expensive price of 6 KD for a whole pizza.  The pizza crust was just perfect. I loved the Original so much! The tomato sauce was just enough and so was the mozzarella cheese.  The Tri Cheese wasn't that bad, more on the creamy cheesy side. The best part of the cheese pizza was that it had ricotta which added flavor and made it a salty in a good way.  I could only eat 2.5 pizzas because the size of one pizza slice is huge.  The box in my opinion is enough for a party of  4 people. You can grab a bite in their place located behind Meli Melo.  Homeslice does delivery.  Next time I will try the Tartufo (original with truffle oil).
Location: Al Shaab AlBahri, Block 8, Nafae Ibn Alrazaq St
Tel.: 22615025


  1. Which is better Solo pizza or homeslice?

  2. both are good.. solo is authentic napolitan pizza, the real italian pizza...homeslice is more of an American, and its really really good