Sunday, October 16, 2011

Travel Advice: The Address Dubai Mall - Dubai, UAE

The Address Dubai Mall was another hotel I didn't choose and was the choice of the majority.  This contemporary small hotel was surprisingly quiter and less crowded than any mall hotel I've seen or stayed in, like Kempinski of Mall of Emirates. On the other hand, the rooms wer nicely designed.
My stay at The Address Dubai Downtown


  1. Shakla ma3jibich :s 3ad I'm going there very soon :s

  2. just coz it wasnt my choice o fi hotelat wayid ayad wa7la..and im not into mall hotels..but the rooms and the hotel were really nice

  3. The other Address a7la in my opinion.. Check it out next time ur there :)

  4. if you mean the one beside the mall, i have been to that one already (post on the other hotel is under the last pic of this post), it was nice also i guess..i prefer beach hotels..theres also another The Address called Montgomerie, which looks really good!