Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cocoa Room Dinner

I've visited this restaurant for the 5th time and would go again and again.  The breakfast is one of the best as you've seen in my Cocoa Room post.  The dinner is not to be missed. I especially like their appetizers.  Reservations are required for dinner. Thank you M for taking some of the shots!

Appetizers: Burrata
                  Panko fried shrimps
                  Veal Potato Rosti
Main dish: Steak
                 Red Spaghetti
Grilled ricotta salad
Panko fried shrimps
Veal potato rosti (the best dish)
Bacon wrapped mushrooms
Red spaghetti
 Fudge pops
 Red velvet pancakes
Address: Gulf Road opposite Al Seef Palace
Tel.: 22465049

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