Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Visit to November Boutique

I wanted to place an order for a cake and get a gift wrapped, so the best place to get that done "beautifully" is none other than AlTilal's November Boutique.  I haven't been there ever since they closed their upstairs boutique for "renovation".  I heard that their shop has moved and that it was right next to Au Nom de la Rose.  Feels like I'm the last to visit their new shop.  When I arrived I found a message stuck on the door saying that their bakery was located in the complex's tunnel, and that this was called Things by November, which I guess is the accessories and furniture boutique, and its still closed.  The bakery was so delightful and stunning like no other place I have seen.  The colors are so easy to the eyes, the space, the seating area, the cake and flower arrangements displays!! I wish I could've got better pictures. 


  1. u're not the last, I believe i am :P

    do ethy offer seatings & coffees?! y3ni fi ga3da?!

    im planning to order a cake for eid!

  2. i don't know about coffee..I think the seating is for clients who require November to plan their events, or maybe a waiting area..but not as a cafe if that's what you so:)