Friday, August 26, 2011

Solo Pizza Napulitana

After getting emails from readers from abroad and a couple of comments in the blog, I looked at my past picture archive for shots I got from restaurants.  Some of the readers thought my food posts were really helpful and they made sure to try the restaurants I reviewed everytime they visited. To be honest, I was really surprised. Therefore, the reason I'm back to posting about food is due to readers' demands. The visit to this particular restaurant was a couple of weeks prior to Ramadan.

Solo Pizza Napulitana is a pizza place owned by a group of guys and is the only restaurant in Kuwait which has an all local staff, the owner chef with his family and friends.  The chef, Amr Al-Refaei,  makes all the pizzas himself, after mastering the creation of authentic pizza from Naples itself, home to pizza, and he's got a certificate for that, being the only Kuwaiti to own one.  The new concept has won the hearts of the Kuwaiti and non Kuwaiti crowds.  The humble restaurant is really small, but that's the beauty of it, so make sure to go really early as they don't take reservations.

My reaction: food was really good. The caprese was just like I like it. The pizzas, margherita, funghi, and frodo, were all perfect. And ofcourse, the dessert, nutella pizza, was everyone's favorite!

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