Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Beauty Cabinet: BSL's Ginger & Lemon Scrub

My friend swears by a scrub she got from Bayt Al-Saboun Al-Lubnani, located in Avenues phase II.  I went to the shop, and although the sellers were getting on my nerves with all the advertising of other products, I couldn't help but have a sniff of almost all of their products.  They either smelled delicious or so amazingly soothing.  I asked for their Ginger & Lemon Scrub, and left the store with two paperbags filled with their other stuff (which I will review in future posts).  Anyway's the scrub is really fragrant and its all natural! You use it in the shower before getting wet, and when you rinse after the scrub, the skin is so moisterised you don't need to use a moisteriser afterwards.  Not only that, but your skin and the bathroom smell really good and strong after that for hours!!
Cost: 10 KD


  1. does it really work as a fat burner? interesting, I think I'm going over there and get one for myself.

  2. I don't know about that,I was surprised later when I read "fat burning"...I just needed a good strong scrub