Friday, August 5, 2011

Atyab Al-Yaseen

Atyab Al-Yaseen, established in 2004, is a bukhoor and Arabic perfume shop located in Al-Mansouriya Co-op.  And since its opening its been doing really well and has lots of customers who love the products it provides.  Hopefully, they will be expanding to open another branch in the near future.

Their bestsellers perfumes include Reem, Sara, Oud Al-Molook, White Musk, Amwaj, and Yasmeen.

Dihin oud (oils) bestsellers: Dihin oud Camboudi, Dihin oud Hindi, Oud Bader, and Dihin oud Thailandi.

They've got more than 20 kinds of bukhoor (incense wood) and the bestsellers are: Bukhoor Hindi Yomi, Bukhoor Malaisi, Bukhoor Hindi Monasabat, and Bukhoor Aryani.

Atyab Al-Yaseen is also famous for Ma3mool Al-Yaseen.

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They do delivery also. To order by phone contact them at 22527411/ 97146471.

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