Saturday, August 27, 2011

Laduree Opens in NYC

The 149 year old Parisian patisserie opens its first US branch in 845 Madison Ave of Upper East Side, New York today. Very much famous for its almond flavored macaroons (or cookies), women of all ages will now be enjoying tea and dessert in a classic antique decor in the French cafe.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Planet Diamond

(Reuters) - Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard.

A planet made out of diamonds? Is that really possible?

It might be according to scientist.  They say due to its density its made entirely of carbon, therefore crystalline.  Because of that, they believe a large part of this planet, which exists 4,000 light years away, is made out of diamond.  This small planet is probably a remnant from an old star.

Solo Pizza Napulitana

After getting emails from readers from abroad and a couple of comments in the blog, I looked at my past picture archive for shots I got from restaurants.  Some of the readers thought my food posts were really helpful and they made sure to try the restaurants I reviewed everytime they visited. To be honest, I was really surprised. Therefore, the reason I'm back to posting about food is due to readers' demands. The visit to this particular restaurant was a couple of weeks prior to Ramadan.

Solo Pizza Napulitana is a pizza place owned by a group of guys and is the only restaurant in Kuwait which has an all local staff, the owner chef with his family and friends.  The chef, Amr Al-Refaei,  makes all the pizzas himself, after mastering the creation of authentic pizza from Naples itself, home to pizza, and he's got a certificate for that, being the only Kuwaiti to own one.  The new concept has won the hearts of the Kuwaiti and non Kuwaiti crowds.  The humble restaurant is really small, but that's the beauty of it, so make sure to go really early as they don't take reservations.

My reaction: food was really good. The caprese was just like I like it. The pizzas, margherita, funghi, and frodo, were all perfect. And ofcourse, the dessert, nutella pizza, was everyone's favorite!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Feature in People Magazine

Thank you People magazine for a great exclusive coverage.  I got their wedding issue today on my iPad, and I'm excited to share this with you guys. 
Headpiece $2.5 Million; Earrings $5 Million
$10,000 Cake on $130,000 Lalique Crystal Table
Menu by Celebtrity Chef Wolfgang Puck

A Visit to November Boutique

I wanted to place an order for a cake and get a gift wrapped, so the best place to get that done "beautifully" is none other than AlTilal's November Boutique.  I haven't been there ever since they closed their upstairs boutique for "renovation".  I heard that their shop has moved and that it was right next to Au Nom de la Rose.  Feels like I'm the last to visit their new shop.  When I arrived I found a message stuck on the door saying that their bakery was located in the complex's tunnel, and that this was called Things by November, which I guess is the accessories and furniture boutique, and its still closed.  The bakery was so delightful and stunning like no other place I have seen.  The colors are so easy to the eyes, the space, the seating area, the cake and flower arrangements displays!! I wish I could've got better pictures. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Last Ramadan Gathering

Another khaima gathering at my place this Ramadan as farewell before the month is over.  Notice its all about dessert, the best part of any meal!
Lenotre's marble cheesecake with sesame cream topping is only available for Ramadan. Liked the orange taste of the cheesecake in contrast to the sesame sauce!
 Best Sprinkles Mini Chocolate Mousse and Rangeena

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Hotel: St. Regis Bangkok, Thailand

Opened April 1st, 2011.

The St. Regis Bangkok Hotel is located in the elite business district of town.  The 227 room and 53 residences contemporary hotel is not far away from the best shopping area.  Its the first hotel in Thailand to offer a butler service to all its occupants and the first Elemis Spa in the country. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Gift Idea

Since I started working, I've been exposed to a trend that appearently is only known to women in work places.  When a girl gets married or gives birth, all her friends or acquaintances join together and give an amount that will be collected and presented in a beautiful package with a card mentioning the participents names.  Most of you are familiar with this trend if you're already working.  So a while ago, I jumped at the chance to take care of the packaging and I immediately thought that it had to be done by November Boutique.  It was a painted box with a drawer for the money to be put in, topped with fresh roses and baby roses.  I loved the idea so much that I had to share it with you guys.  I don't mind having the same idea done for me, that's how much I'm in love with it!

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Photos & Video

People magazine has paid $1.5 million for the exclusive photos from Kim Kardashian's and NBA star Kris Humphries' wedding, which hits the newsstands this week.  Let's not forget the $300,000 the magazine paid for the couple's engagement photos and the $100,000 Britain's OK! magazine paid for the bridal shower shots. Check out a sneek peak of E!'s footage of the wedding.  Need to see more of her 3 Vera Wang dresses!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Al Ostoura Online Shop Launch

Finally, Al Ostoura, one of the biggest fashion retailer in Kuwait, have officially launched their online shopping website.

Baguette Vending Machine

Jean-Louise Hecht, owner of numerous bakeries around France, decided that the idea of embracing the cultural shift in the country was a far better idea than clinging to traditional ways. So he developed a vending machine that turns precooked bread into fresh baguettes. The vending machine promises warm bread for hungry night owls, shift workers, or anyone else who doesn't have time to pick one up during their bakery's opening hours, 24/7.  This is very practical as most bakeries close really early and some even close in August for vacation depriving many locals and tourists of the national bread.

Hecht's baguette dispenser have sold 1,600 baguettes in its opening month in January. This jumped to over 4,500 in July, which is a staggering 150 automated baguette transactions a day.  Some of the French people are still skeptical about this idea.

Most people may fear that the popularity of the machine will herald the end of traditional French bakeries, but Hecht told the Associated Press: “This is the bakery of tomorrow. If other bakers don’t want to enter the niche, they’re going to get decimated.”.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bazza Cafe

A few days before Ramadan, I paid a visit to the much buzzed about Bazza Cafe. It's an all day restaurant serving local food.  We've got a lot of Kuwaiti restaurants, but apart from hotel restaurants, this is the only one in my opinion that is suitable for ladies to sit in. Very clean and really appealing to the eyes.

My reaction was the interiors were gorgeous, modern traditional, my friend and I kept repeating what a good job they've done to the place!  The food? I didn't go to eat, but rather to have some hot Kuwaiti drinks.  My friend had a few starters, which she thought were ok.  I, on the other hand, loved the "drinks" (emphasis on the plural).  I couldn't choose between the various drinks from the menu  that I had to order two!  Some of my friends who've been there say their marag bamya (okra stew) is really good.  Might try it next time for lunch.  Others say the best meal in the cafe is the breakfast, but I'm not into Middle Eastern/Kuwaiti breakfast.
 Chai Imhayal (Tea with Cardamom)
7aleeb Za3faran (Saffron milk)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Travel Advice: Banyan Tree Spa Marina Bay Sands- Singapore

Banyan Tree Spa has opened in late July 2011 in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. The spa is located in the hotel's 55th floor, therefore it is acknowledged as the highest Banyan Tree Spa.  Modern and with the usual traditional Asian inspired design, the theme of the spa revolves around "The Tree of Life" and the importance of preserving and connecting with nature, a cause that the Banyan Tree brand supports.

Exclusive to Singapore, all treatment room names are inspired by the orchid, the national flower of Singapore, while the signature treatment , Harmony Banyan, harnesses the power of the orchid. This 180-minute massage session is performed by two therapists and comprises an orchid scrub, Harmony Banyan massage using specially concocted orchid massage oil, head and foot massage, and concludes with a therapeutic orchid bath.
For reservations:
Tel.:  +65 6688 8825

Froobie's Latest Ramadan Special

After the huge success of the previous Ramadan flavours, the Vimto and Turkish delight flavors, Froobie, the fro-yo place located in 52 Degrees, presents the Almond flavour frozen yougurt, a tradiational Ramadani drink better known as Baithan with a different twist!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Beauty Cabinet: BSL's Ginger & Lemon Scrub

My friend swears by a scrub she got from Bayt Al-Saboun Al-Lubnani, located in Avenues phase II.  I went to the shop, and although the sellers were getting on my nerves with all the advertising of other products, I couldn't help but have a sniff of almost all of their products.  They either smelled delicious or so amazingly soothing.  I asked for their Ginger & Lemon Scrub, and left the store with two paperbags filled with their other stuff (which I will review in future posts).  Anyway's the scrub is really fragrant and its all natural! You use it in the shower before getting wet, and when you rinse after the scrub, the skin is so moisterised you don't need to use a moisteriser afterwards.  Not only that, but your skin and the bathroom smell really good and strong after that for hours!!
Cost: 10 KD

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jewel Inspired Afternoon Tea at The Langham London

I've never been to The Langham London Hotel, but I've heard that it has the best afternoon tea in the city.  Palm Court, which is the lounge that serves afternoon tea in the hotel is a Winner of the Tea Guild's Top London Afternoon Tea Award 2010 and awarded with The Tea Guild's Award of Excellence 2011.  The luxury hotel has opened its doors in 1865 and began serving this afternoon snack which was favored by Britain's aristocrats, writers, and so on. Recently The Langham announced an exclusive new tea created in collaboration with the renowned jewelry designer, Stephen Webster, inspired by his "Murder She Wrote" collection, and designed by Executive Pastry Chef Cherish Finden. The Stephen Webster Bijoux Afternoon Tea is priced at £49 per person (approx. KD 22), and is available from September 2011 to March 2012.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

52 Degrees Kuwait Chef

Your Restaurant Your Rules! This is a chance for the Kuwaiti chefs and entrepreneurs to serve their talent on a silver platter! 52 Degrees is offering you a chance to win 100sq of a RENT FREE, entirely furnished restaurant space; complete with a fully trained staff under your command. 52 Degrees will be giving you total media exposure to advertise your new restaurant. If you love the Food & Beverage industry and have a dream to open and run your own restaurant, apply here at

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Travel Advice: Hayman Island Resort - Australia

Re-opened August 1st, 2011.

Australia's Hayman Island is said to be one of the most stunning resorts in the world.  Earlier this year, the island was severely damaged by cyclones and the 5-star Hayman Island Resort had to close for repairs. A new botanical garden is now featured in the resort, a centerpiece showcasing 33,000 new plants and 327 new species.  People visit the island to witness the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, world's greatest natural wonder. You never get bored in Hayman, with lots of activities and restarurats available.  I like that the resort has their own photography and video team, professional cameras to capture your best moments!  The resort also has its own spa, accredited as a Leading Spa in 2010.

Resort has private beachfront pool villas, tropical garden retreat villas, public pool room wings, lagoon wing rooms and different themed penthouses, the private and secluded beach house, and the private residences.

Some of the resort's awards include:
- Luxury Travel & Style Magazine Gold List – Hall of Fame – Best Australian Resort

- Travel + Leisure US – Top 5 Hotels Australia & South Pacific, World’s Coolest Pools, World’s Best Service Awards.
- Conde Nast Traveler US – Top 10 Overseas Leisure Hotels
- Conde Nast Traveller UK – Top 5 Overseas Leisure Hotels, Top Spas Australasia & South Pacific