Monday, July 4, 2011

Travel Advice: Hotels I Heart - Istanbul, Turkey

I've always wanted to visit Istanbul, Turkey, as it is rich with history and architectural beauty.  I have a list of hotels that I would love to stay in including my chosen brand, the W, which I have wrote a post on a while ago.

A former 1800s Ottoman mansion made into a 16 room contemporary boutique hotel set in the Bosphorus. All rooms look into the famous Istanbul waters. It has won the 5 Star Diamond Award 2005 given by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences and two awards by Conte Nast Johansens, the Most Charming Hotel in Europe and European Reader Award.
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Ciragan Palace Kempinski
The ultimate in extravagent luxurious hotels on the Bosphorus.  Beautiful setting and gardens. Classic extravegent rooms.
Sumahan on the Water Hotel
Sumahan hotel was a former 1800s liquer producing property that was turned into a 20 room 5 star boutique hotel on the Bosphorus.  Awards given to the hotel include One of the World's Best New Hotels by the Editors of Luxury Travel Magazine, 2010 Reader's Award by Conde Nast Johansen, Andrew Harper Grand Award 2011, and 2009 Istanbul Tourism Award Creativity Project.
The House Hotel Nisantasi
The 44 room contemporary design boutique hotel in the best shopping district in Istanbul. There are lots of branches scattered around the best districts of the city, but this one is my favorite in terms of design. Enjoy snacks and drinks at their popular The House Cafe.


  1. I'm really hoping to go thre some day soon :)

  2. wow amazing hotels. We stayed at the W 2 years a go. It was nice, not my favorite W Hotel though. The best thing about it was it's location.

  3. i love istanbul , one of the most beautiful places ive ever been too !

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  5. Love Istanbul! Really beautiful city, For your next stay I highly recommend Retaj Royale Istanbul, hotel like a white castle.

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