Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shake Shack

I've never been to a place in its second day after opening, but jumped at the opprtunity when my friend wanted to have lunch at Shake Shack, as I'm a big fan of burgers! The place was ridiculously packed.  We were lucky to have known someone who've been standing in the line for a while so she was sweet enough to order for us while we got the table. At around 1:45pm you would wait an average of 30 minutes in line to get a burger. By 3:00pm you would wait even longer!

I like the seating area which is huge. And its all open into the mall so you won't leave smelling like a frying pan.

The burger was good, and not so messy.  Not so sure about the fries though. I would go there again when there's no long queue and probably take away rather than wait to get a table.  I still think Elevation Burger is the best in Kuwait right next to Johnny Rocket's soggy burgers.
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  1. Some one tweeted a pic of how za7ma it was! It was insane!

  2. bel3afia 3alekom! i wanna try it bs shakla wayed za7ma! yabela elwa7ed yet'3ada esa3a 11 awal mayba6lon :P

  3. r.alsharif it is..and im glad i didnt go through waiting in line something i would never do!

    swera allah y3afeech...looool 9aja! or go at 4pm like i said ila khaffa ilza7ma:)