Monday, July 25, 2011

My Beauty Cabinate: L'Occitane

The popular French beauty brand, L'Occitane, brings to you products for haircare, skincare, bodycare, fragrance, and home.  The brand also provides hotels amenities.  L'Occitane encourages traditional cultivation of lavender, almond trees, and other flowers and plants. They've also got a foundation that supports visually impaired people, fights against avoiding blindness in developing countires, and helps the economic emancipation of women. 

I first came across L'Occitane on Kuwait Airways, where they handed first-business class complimentary givaaway pouches that contained the beauty products in miniature travel size. I loved the samples, and was ecstatic to see that the shop opened in the Avenues.  I've been using their products ever since.  The products shown below are some of the things I highly recommend. I have tweeps  (on twitter) to thank for recommending the shea butter.
A bestseller, thick petroleum jelly like shea butter, the pure kind
A cream version of shea butter
 I LOVE the smell of this almond gel and thats why I keep going back and getting more of it.


  1. i heart amber <3

  2. I have the shea butter products and I love them! very moisturizing

  3. just noon its my favorite scent!

    alreem they are:)