Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lamy's Perfumes

I personally know the owner of Lamy's Perfumes, and I've never known anyone who has knowledge of everything perfume and plant/flower related as she is. The girl is really talented in making perfumes, that even when she first started a year ago, she made the best Arabic fragrances I've ever come across.  After succeeding, she turned her passion for perfumes into a brand which is now being sold at 52 Degrees and the perfumes section in Rawda-Hawali Co-op.

The perfumes sold at 52 Degrees are exclusive and are not sold anywhere else.  The bestsellers at the Kuwaiti brand store include "Fairy" and "Cheesecake".  At the co-op is the bestseller is "صبا" (you can also contact her to get it) which I and most of my friends have and we're constantly asked what perfume we have on.  Actually I've been using her other perfumes for a while now and I'm always asked about them! And thats how I unconsciously advertise.  "Queen Lamya" is her signature perfume and smells of Tuberose, a mindblower. I have also tried "فوز" (named after her daughter) which is an oriental mix and "دارين" which contain musk and is very light.  There's also "Vanilla Sky" and "Golden Sun" which are a favorites to most of her customers.

And she doesn't only does perfumes for us women, but her new men line, found in 52 Degrees, 2 perfumes sold together, one called "52 Degrees" and the other "Blue District" are really good!  A new perfume will be introduced soon at the shop and it will be her first oriental perfume there just in time for Ramadan.
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