Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cocoa Room

The best and only place to have a late breakfast, or brunch, in my opinion is Cocoa Room.  My first visit was far from disappointing!  We girls were hungry after work and didn't mind having dessert for lunch.  All the dishes were licked clean.  That's how good their food is. And I'm sure thats not a surprise to anyone, seeing the owner's reputation in the restaurant world.

The brownie pancakes were a sensation and a hit, that we had two orders of the dish (everything was for sharing).  My friends loved the banoffee pancakes, I didn't get to try because I'm not a big fan (or a smaller one) of bananas.  The Morning  Glory sandwich, the veal sausages, cinammon French toast (I would call it a cinnabon), hash browns, and many of the egg dishes, were out of this world!
 Brownie Pancakes
Morning Glory
Nutella French Toast
 French toast

Breakfast opening times: 8am-3pm


  1. I'm drooling !
    I've been there twice already, now i'm craving their pumkin pancakes !

  2. this is torture!!

  3. This looks soo good!! The Brownie pancake looks yummy! 3awafi :)

  4. lady b I have to try that pancake!!

    anonymous I know:P

    um3azoz allah y3afeech, you'll love it I'm sure:)