Monday, July 11, 2011

Buttercup Cafe

Formerly known as Athba's Bakery, the one month old Al Shaab Albahri based Buttercup is a place worth visiting.  And its right across from Crumbs.

The bakery is filled with mouthwatering baking goods! I basically got everything just to try what they've got after hearing all the good reviews of Athba's Bakery a long while ago.

 Vanilla Pound Cake
 White Chocolate Bread Pudding (my Favorite!!)
 The famous Baking Tray's choc chip cookies, snow-flecked brownies, lemon bar, white choc-raspberry tart, and lemon tart (all really good)
Orders can be placed a day ahead. They do birthday and wedding cakes.

Open from 8am - 8:30pm

Tel.:  22621232


  1. elchocolate cake shakelha 3athaaaab *sigh*

    laaaazem aro7 ajarba :D

  2. emmmmmm that bread pudding looks very appetizing

  3. swera its really something;)

    anonymous yes especially the white chocolate one:)