Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baskin Robbins' French Toast Flavor

I haven't caught up on when this flavor became available.  I can guess that its for a limited time only.  Everytime I pass by Baskin Robbins, which is my no. 1 ice-cream shop, I have to look out for the "flavor of the month" or newer flavors.  To my surprise, I came across the French toast flavor, and it was looking at me with all its fluffiness that I had to get myself a scoop!  It had small French toast pieces and tasted of maple syrup. What are you waiting for?! Go try it before its gone!


  1. I've tried this flavor month ago. I like french toast and all I can say is that this is my summer special french toast XD

  2. oooh its been around?! I say the flavor should stick around preferably forever!:)