Friday, July 15, 2011

Armani / Dada

I love simplicity as much as I love the eclectic.  And as much as I love interiors and architecture, my passion extends to the less complex kitchens.  Maybe thats because I love cooking and baking that I would love my surroundings to be as beautiful as the food itself.

Lately I have come across the kitchens created by the collaboration of the Armani / Casa Group with Dada of the Molteni Group to produce the Armani / Dada brand.  Armani / Casa has been around since 2000 whereas Dada was from the 1980s.

Their first kitchen to be launched was the elegant wood "Bridge".  The next concept was the the silver "Calyx", also known as the disappearing kitchen, was introduced in 2009.  Last but not least and the latest in concepts, which was also featured in the hotel, is the glass and wood 3D-like "Checkers" launched in the market just a couple of months ago.

Of Armani / Casa creations was Armani Hotel Dubai as you can witness at my stay at the hotel.
 Calyx - dissapearing act

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