Sunday, April 3, 2011

Travel Advice: Siam Kempinski Hotel- Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Kempinski Hotel has recently opened its doors to the public in September 2010. Its the place to stay if you prefer an accommodation that is located exactly in the shopping district, to be specific its right beside Siam Paragon Mall.  This huge luxury hotel has beautiful landscaped gardens and multiple swimming pools in the garden area. The food experience there was really good, that includes the breakfast.  The staff were extremely friendly and very helpful.


  1. 3ala all these thailand posts ga3da t5aleenii aghar! o wedy a3eesh hnak 3 months !!

  2. The surroundings of the hotel look beauuutiful! :)

  3. justnooon ana awal mafham ilnas laish y7iboon thailand il7een maloomhum:P

    confashions they are;)