Saturday, March 12, 2011

Travel Advice: W Retreat Koh Samui

The main reason I went to Koh Samui, Thailand, was to be part of W Samui. It just opened recently on November 2010. Extremely modern hotel which has pool villas, some with drect access to the beach. Lots of sea activities including jet skis and ski parachutes.

Amazing service, amazing room service, amazing everything. We loved their in-room dining. We adored their rooms. I tried two types of room, Ocean View Escape (located on top of the hill with complete privacy) and the Ocean Front Haven (directly on the beach). From what they say, is that all rooms are the same and its true these two rooms were exactly the same. Huge and spacious. The bathroom is a room by itself with an outdoor shower and direct access to pool if you prefer from the bathroom.

Great Japanese restaurant called Namu, which I hughly recommend, choose outside seating, Great lounge areas! One located near the lobby area and its called Wooba and the seating is spectacular high on the hill. The other SIP (same name as the one I sat in W Maldives) is located on the beach area.
Namu and Sip


  1. WOW! looks amazing.. Mashallah wayed 7elo

  2. Thnx for the recommendation the hotel seems amazing! However I would like to ask since u tried both rooms which do you recommend the one on the beach or the one on the hill? (From a fun perspective)

  3. boudoiiir shawaqteeniii, wedii arooo7 bas weeeen ilyy yroo7 weyaaaay :(
    3adi aro7 bro7y? :P

  4. justheba it is!

    the travel expose: ok if u want total privacy over the hill villa is way better than the beach front one plus you've got gorgeous views of the ocean. As for the beach front you have direct access to the beach which is a plus point AND you have quick access by foot to the main building, whereas the hill one the higher villas would require a golf cart transportation. Both villas are exactly the same from the inside (and pool. Hope that helps:)

    just noon 3adi tro7eeen broo7ich witha tabeen ayi ma3ach! i would definately go there again. bas itha broo7ich you will be missing out on some great food:P

  5. aroo7 broo7ii? ma at7amaal i need company , a7eb asolif bas ina mo garga :P

  6. solfay ma3a ili yshatghloon y7iboon ilsuwalif:P