Friday, February 4, 2011

Ryoog's Duwa o Chai

I don't think I've had Chai Duwa (black tea over coal) this much in my life. I've been having it a lot lately, in Dalag S'hail, Yom Bahaar, Haleeb o Hail, or in gatherings, and I'm not even a tea person. But the weather is forcing us to go ahead and have the black tea to keep us warm.

Ryoog cafe has introduced this new concept Duwa o Chai in their cafe from 1-11pm. If you want to be served with the "Duwa" you have to be seated outside. The weather was freezing, but you would hardly notice with the amazing service and the beautiful traditional trays of goodies.
 "Mawali7" Platter: zaater, cheeses, olives, olive oil, tomato, Irani bread.
 Sweet Platter: 7alwa, rahash, qir9 3gaili, biscuits, darabeel
Salad: grilled goat cheese, rocca (omitted), lettuce, blueberries, peach, and pomegranate sauce!! Huge and fullfilling!

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