Monday, January 17, 2011

Safir Hotel & Residence Al Fintas - Kuwait

A few days ago, we were planning a surprise birthday for one of our friends. We wanted to try somewhere new and in a place we knew would not be crowded. So one of the girls suggested going to Safir Hotel & Residence Al-Fintas, to dine in ChitChat Cafe and to check out this new hotel. I never expected the hotel and the cafe to be this good. The cafe's decor was very stylish! The food, which was light, was also very good. Their juice collection! Their seating! The service!!! And the staff!!! After our dinner and surprise we toured the hotel. The lobby area is so lovely o shar7! All restaurants decors were really nice, that includes Al Roshinah (Kuwaiti Restaurant), Flavors (all day dining & very extravagant buffet), and the lounge. Plus they have a separate building for their residence.

For those of you, who are not from Kuwait, the hotel is a 20 minute drive to the city. Its not that far.
 Chit Chat Cafe


  1. I go to that hotel and cafe when i need some privacy and finish some work. They don't have my latte, but I can live with what they offer :p

    I was hoping no one post about it, so it will remain empty.

  2. heheheh people r starting to go now..theyre advertising it now..u can go early before dinner

  3. I like your blog, it is great! I hope to go to Kuwait before I leave Saudiarabia. I am a swedish expat who will leave this summer. Kuwaiti people seem to be very nice, friendly and good looking. :)

  4. haaaaw ! hatha laish ma adre 3anaah ?

  5. Emma Thanks thats so sweet of you! its great to know I have such readers as yourself. And I really hope you do get to visit Kuwait soon:)

    justnoon its new opened at the end of 2010. wayid 7a6aw da3ayat mi6a3ma. You have to check it out! Muqarana bil hotelat ilthnya a7is hatha ashwag wa7id min na7yat design

  6. it is among well know hotels in kuwait offers a wide range of food and last minute Accommodation.The best luxury hotel in Kuwait i have come across.