Saturday, January 15, 2011

Caramel Bakery- Kuwait

Caramel bakery is a favorite of mine ever since they opened a few years ago in the Salhiya area. I knew the owner's family and we used to have their desserts very often. Everything they had was guaranteed to be good. You may have known them from their ever so famous signature dessert pumpkin cake (which you can get in 3 sizes, normal cake size, saucer size like the one shown in the picture down below, and as mini bites).

Three years ago they moved into their new location in Bneid AlGar, looking into the Gulf Road. The new shop was beautifully designed. They closed last year for renovation and opened, and a few days ago was my first time to get a look at their new bakery. They've gone for shabby chic and I love their wallpaper and cake displays. I even like their packaging so much.

They do birthday cakes. A new addition to their menu. You can choose from their designs on display or give them your own design. It will be marzipan covered. We tried the birthday cake and it was good.

Newest addition: Sweet Potato Cake! I would love to try that.

My recommendations:
Noora Cake (very moist chocolate cake)- Pistachio mini cakes- Pumpkin cake- Double Chocolate Fudge Cake. And many more. Some of these should be made to order a day in advance or at least a few hours before.

Their new menu will be coming out later this month.
               Mini pistachio bite cakes, pumpkin cake, and chocolate peanut cake
Chocolate Cake
 Berries Cake (vanilla cake with blueberries, raspberries, poppy seeds)
                                                      Chocolate snickers topped Cheesecake
              Pistachio cake
Address: Bneid Al Gar, Block 1, St. 96, Al Manar Complex on Gulf Road.
Telephone:  22533257/8


  1. I loooove caramel!
    in 2005 i wanted to make a special birthday cake for my husband. I went every where and no one would do it for me except them... it cost me 15 KD only or something... check my post here

    but then for his 30's birthday i wanted to make him a cake... November Boutique were backed up so i said let me go to Caramel... i brought them a picture and asked for the cake to look like the picture which wasn't so hard to make considering they made me the smeecha cake... the chef oohed and ahhed and made a big fuss about the cake although it was nothing much just a gift shaped box with the top open a bit and a rubber duck sitting o top smiling... finally bel zoooooor agreed to make me what i want

    come the birthday i go to pick up the cake and it looked horrible. Really horrible. It was so horrible my aunt thought i tried to bake the cake my self and ended up with a disaster!!!

    o it cost a lot o the taste was blah.

    What made me sad is the fact that when they moved from Sal7iya to Bneed Elqar it seems that they have completely lost their touch. Their cakes are still the same hopefully but i wouldn't get them to make me a birthday cake again EVER! Not with so many bakeries willing to bake me amazing cakes with strange flavours and wacky shapes for the same price! 7safa wallah :(

  2. im sorry about that..the one we made was really good though..the design and the taste..but anywayz i usually just like birthday cakes from opera..but their cakes r still great! i dont think they lost their madri about the bday cakes though

  3. a7laaa shaaay il pumpkin cake , laa yo3laah 3laaaihaaa

  4. i never tried Caramel looking at the pics..i feel its a must to stop by!!! :)

  5. justnoon i agree!

    B & D you have to! and since is your first time get the mini cakes and the individual cake slices:)

  6. Oh Thank God that they are open again, I stopped by a couple of months ago and it was closed and I was really sad about it. I love their carrot cake, amazing!!! I will go as soon as possible, but right now I am on a diet and don't want to ruin it. Thanks for the info

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  8. They make the BEST red velvet cakes ever! I've tried red velvet cakes everywhere in Dubai (I'm from the UAE)and nothing was as good as Caramel's red velvet. Everything was just deliciously perfect from the icing to the cake itself. Perfect that's all I can say! I'm a lil sad because I know I'll badly crave this yummy cake when I'm back to the UAE!
    So if you haven't tried their red velvet PLEASE try it because you r missing out on ALOT! <3


  9. Heheh I,ve seen it a few times but I'm not a fan of red velvet, I will try it though, I still have a hard time picking one of their cakes, they're all so good!

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  11. I love that place! my #1 bakery

  12. my husbands birthday is in a week and he loves the ice mountain cake! so thats what im gonna get him :) besides a CK watch!lol

  13. i love the cakes..but i have told them to make me a cake.. it was so bad.. i could'nt even use it for my party,..never again:(

  14. I didn't visit the bakery yet. But one of my best friends send me redvelvet cake and Caramel Cake. It was sooooooooo yummy. Sure I will order next time. So far it my best bakery in Kuwait.

  15. i ordered a cake and they told me they can't deliver it