Friday, January 28, 2011

Victoria Cake!

A friend of mine forced me to try this cake that I wasn't a fan of. Its called Victoria Cake or English Cake. She promised I will like this one from Bread Talk though. Ever since I had that first bite I've been recommending it to all. Its really light and airy, a vanilla sponge cake filled with cream and strawberry jam and topped with icing sugar. Now practically everyone I have recommended to always gets it when they're not in the mood to make a cake order. Its either always available because of demand or you won't find any by noon.


  1. Victoria Sponge -------- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's so amazing! my mum makes it the best! you got me thinking, im gonna make some tomorrow for my hubby!

  2. This got me very emotional ;D
    girl You’d better post a workout entry right after such a post ;p

  3. i love victoria cake, its the lightest cake ever! bil3afia :*

  4. I love victoria cakes, nice to know there are decent ones in Kuwait :) will definitely check it out.