Saturday, December 11, 2010

Travel Advice: W Doha Hotel & Residences - Qatar

After leaving Rome, we had to stay for a night in my favorite hotel brand, W, in Doha, Qatar, because of our transit flight. We thought it was the best accomodation we had since our trip began. I really wanted to stay for longer and try their restaurants and check the place more. If I ever go back to Doha, I won't think about trying any other hotel. Amazing service, great and helpful staff. They have made our one night stay worthwhile. (The room looks much better than it does in the pictures).

Love the cool hip atmosphere. When you enter the building you hear loud house and lounge music, its like you're sitting in a lounge plus the lights are dim!
"Living Room" in the Lobby
 I spy with my little eye "Cupcakes"!
 Complimentary M & M's
 Um Ali dessert


  1. My frst comment. your blog is very unique. i love travelling so much now i cant wait to visit rome again ;))) keep up the good work

    dalal s.

  2. LOVE the bedroom :D

  3. i would love to try that one day

  4. Dalal Thanks! I hope you do. I will:)

    justnoon It looks even nicer in real life;)

    samaher I hope you do:))

  5. Mashalla thats a very nice hotel. Can't wait to see what they will do for the world cup. Shakla khyal!

  6. shakilhum biybad3oon! itha allah 3a6ana 3umur o la7agna:P

  7. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them and regards from the best hotels in Rome