Monday, December 6, 2010

Travel Advice: Pizza & Pasta - Rome

La Montecarlo Pizzeria
A very very very popular place for pizza. Beware of ques and go early. Amazing pizza, and their spaghetti bolonaise is really good too. They are good examples of the ideal pizza and pasta, the way the pizza is baked and the pasta is cooked. Extremely fast service and a good one too. Notice the awards in the second picture.
Other places you should pass by:
Da Baffetto: another popular place very known for its pizza (dinners only)
Via Del Governo Vecchio 11
Dar Poeta: pizzeria in Trastevere area. This area is known for having the best restaurants to go to for dinner. (dinner only- reservation)
Vicolo Del Bologna 45
Gusto: go to their pizzeria for a quick lunch while your shopping in Via del Corso and Via Condotti. There's also Gusto Al 28 for a more formal menu.
Piazza Augusto Imperatore 28
Da Nino: Classic place near the Spanish Steps I haven't been to, but I hear its good. (reservations)
Via Borgognona 11
Baby: very posh Michelin-starred restaurant in Hotel Aldrovandi (reservations)

Most restaurants are closed on Mondays, so ask the concierge and book ahead.


  1. I miss Italy!!! Yummy food, beautiful places, gorgeous people, amazing weather *sigh* (~.~)

  2. The pizza looks so gooooood. I miss the food thereee

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  4. nunu-san and anonymous I miss it too

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