Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Money Growing on Trees

The most expensive Christmas tree was unveiled today. Yup you guessed right. Its found in the UAE, Abu Dhabi specifically, and yes again its in non other than Emirates Palace Hotel.

The 13-meter faux tree is worth $11 Million. Why? Because its decorated with 181 jewelery and precious stones. They're aiming to go into the Guinness Book of Records with this massive tree.
(Photos: AFP)


  1. ok this is going too far... who puts that kind of Jewellery on a xmas tree... min dara 3nkom y3ni?! Seriously?

    i think it's tasteless!!!

  2. ehehehe danderma..its interesting though..i mean its very obvious they want to "top" the world in everything. I think the money could have gine for something more useful o ibshay yit3alaq ibdeen ildawla, chinhum yshaj3oon ilwa7id 3ala 3adat o 6uqoos deen ghaira

  3. 11 million dollar Christmas tree, this is brilliant! I mean right when we've eradicated global poverty, eliminated discrimination, promoted universal health care, made sure everyone had access to quality education, water and sanitation, we were left with extra change to spend on a Christmas tree. Not to mention the one million decoration. Extremely sweet, bravo UAE!

    PS: I am an Emirati girl who lives in Dubai lol

  4. Anonymous I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not hehehe? The world is grateful for your country's efforts, but I think global poverty hasn't been eradicated yet, there's a lot of countries still suffering:(

  5. Sweetie indeed I'm being sarcastic! I mean seriously that's too too much :(

    Ps: I am the girl who sent you brief about the new places and restaurants in Dubai, Yasmin, remember?

  6. Yasmin M? ofcourse i remember the nice person who sent me the recommendations:*

    Yes sadly its too much:(