Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Lavish" by Yasmin Al-Mulla

I introduce you to one of my sweetest blog readers, who specializes in crystallizing almost everything using Swarovski crystals, Emarati accessory designer, Yasmin Al-Mulla. Lavish is her first earring collection. 

Yasmin had an eye for drawing and creatively playing with crystals at the tender age of 13, and with that she got her motivation from her family and friends to start her business by participate in Dubai Women's College bazaar in December 2008. She strives for uniqueness in her designs, by that she would just create one design only. If a customer requests the exact same piece, she would provide them with new ideas or other stunning designs.

This talented young woman does not consider her talent as a means to gain profit but to share this gift. Yasmin believes in what the the Cuban poet and writer José Julián Martí Pérez said: "Talent is a gift that brings with it an obligation to serve the world, and not ourselves, for it is not of our making."

"What I am and where I am today is the result of the full support that I received from my family and friends whom really appreciated and valued my talent and abilities, no matter how much I thank them it never seems to be enough.." said by Yasmin Al -Mulla.
For more information and if you wish to contact Yasmin for requests or inquiring join her facebook page: Yasmin


  1. talented girl mashallah i lover her work
    and good luck yasmin

  2. 7ilweeen mashalaah !

  3. Thank you girls, am glad! ;*

    And The Boudoir; special thank you goes to you! Loved the post very much, I appreciate it!

    Yasmin Al Mulla

  4. I have no taste in whatever you're promoting, but i would love to take some shots for you guys.. for free :P

    just let me know if you have any modeling session going on soon

  5. "Wow", "Mashallah" , "Oh My God * are phrases you will get used to when looking at Yasmin's collections.I'm the biggest fan and supporter of "Yasmin". I've crystallized so many stuff from a uniQue leopard *breathtaking* bb cover, to a luxurious emerald filer ! you would definitely get addicted to crystals and would also want to get everything crystallized, I'm not trying to promote her business in any way but if u take a look at her album you'd stay hours and hours just gazing at those beautiful art work she produces ! Love you Yasmin and you should keep up the good & amazing job you do,! <3

    Salma AlSaadi.

  6. I just checked her FB, very talanted mashalla and the collection doesn't look like someting I've seen before.

    kel 3aam wa enti b5air :*

  7. Yasmin you're most welcome:)

    The stig: shes in the UAE

    Faith wintay balf khair;**