Thursday, December 9, 2010

Travel Advice: Coffee and Cioccolato on Condotti - Rome

I have gone so fast through my Roman experience in this blog and have made it as brief as possible. In my Gelato post I talked about cafe Giolitti, which is a good place to relax in while roaming the streets and mazes, just as long as you're ordering coffee.

Caffe Antico Greco is one of the most popular cafes in Rome. Situated on Via Dei Condotti, Rome's mini version of Sloane Street, and very near the Spanish Steps. So If you're planning to go shopping on this street filled with expensive brands, pop by for a cup of coffee and dessert, or in my case  cioccolato con panna (hot chocolate with cream). It is a very heavy hot dark chocolate but it does taste really good. The cafe is a tourist haven and the waiters take time to notice you exist but that's the case with all customers as we have noticed.


  1. This cafe is very famous, if not the oldest in and is reputed to serve most expensive Espresso.


  2. I'm so sad that I didn't know about this any earlier! :(

  3. Maxi it is pretty nice, gives u a feel of how the golden days were like.

    Euphoria sadly we went there around the same time. I would've loved to recommend this and other stuff to you before you went;/