Thursday, December 16, 2010

Burst your Bubble

I have come across this a while ago and thought it would be interesting to share. Its called the Cristal Bubble. What do you think? Would you consider staying in a crystal clear see through bubble for a night? I would! Just as long as its somewhere with gorgeous scenery just like in the pictures.

It is even possible to check in into a Cristal Bubble bed and breakfast in the south of France! Bathrooms are found separately in a small wooden hut near the bubble.
 A more intimate version with an extra small bubble room for more privacy.


  1. Definitely not! privacy is the most important thing in one's room

  2. Wow, it wouldn't hurt to try living in it for a whole day. Try something new. It looks authentic & unique!

  3. Ali, you're a writer, you writers are supposed to have better imagination than us normal folks. Plus its for 1-2 nights, and nobody will be nearby to gawk at you;p

    heaven True! I like the way you think:)

  4. 3ajeeb! But i don't think i'd be comfortable in it

  5. it would take a lot of courage to be comfortable in one;)