Thursday, November 4, 2010

Powder Pan

Another dessert home business I've tried a year ago and wanted to post after I got something from them yesterday, is Powder Pan.

You may have come across it in facebook. Powder Pan belongs to a girl, who like myself is a "good food" lover! She's got taste and I trust it so much, that I knew for sure I'd love her rocky road chocolates which I just got. And this coming out of someone who is not a rocky road, marshmallow  or a walnut fan. I got hooked on the sugar powdered chocolate bits! I took it to work with me, they all loved it! The sugar added a unique touch. It melts in the mouth and I tell everyone to take two pieces and not one then judge. After the second one, they ask for more!
 Nutella Cupcakes (ordered a while ago)


  1. I remember seeing their Facebook page and loving their logo so much -and the name!-

    But i never tried from them. I guess i assumed they went out of business because i never heard anyone mention them and they are so quiet!!! I guess i was wrong!

    What else do you recommend for orders?

  2. powder's Rocky Road is beyond amazing!
    you can eat up the whole jar in 10mins! so addictive ! and love the chocolate she uses, you can tell its high quality chocolate!

  3. ma joi Ash'had that its the best!

    swera hehe:*

    danderma u have to..i havent tried anything other than this..but i would try the pancakes if i were u..they look so good especially the nutella one!

    mademoiselle YES! very addictive..i finished the 2 boxes in a few days alone! yes the taste of the chocolate looks like it is