Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mana'eesh Al Am Darweesh

I heard about it a week ago from one of my gals on twitter, she recommended Mana2eesh Al3am Darweesh a lot. A day after, my cousin mentioned how she and her husband have found this great place, and I trust her taste in food. A coincidence. I advertised it to the girls at work, and one girl have said she loved it. They were intrigued by our recommendations that one had ordered some for work and everyone loved it, saying when it came to food they were sure my recommendations would satisfy their tummies. Two days ago I had it for dinner also. It is THAT GOOD!

Appearently there's a story behind this "Am Darweesh" which is found on the menu, and if you want the rest of the story you can order a copy there. I'm wondering if he's a real person.

Its this new place that have opened earlier this year and is located in Hawali, I've seen pictures of the takeaway restaurant and it looks so nice and clean. The food and its packaging beats that of Zaater and Zait.

My Recommendations:
- Al Bulghariya : its a white cheese mana2eesh with some mint, parsley, spring onion, and olive oil.
- Sojuqiya Mdabasa : ground sojuk with dibs ilruman with a white sauce and pickles. Superb!
-Ba6a6a M7arara : fried potato cubes with some spices and sauce in brown saj bread.
-Sha6eerat Sabanikh : the best fa6eerat sabanikh I've ever had, 7amtha and tastes of olive oil.
 Ba6a6a M7arara, Musakhan, Bulghariya, and Sujuqiya Mdabasa
                                                                   Fa6eerat Sabanikh
 Man2oosha I6aliya (Lasagne bolognese pizza)
                                                                      official website

 Telephone number: 22666672


  1. 3lekom bel 3afiya :)
    I went back and tried the Pizza and the Spinach... and the Bl'3ariya and their famous labna...

    I have to say that the best i tried was the bl'3ariya... but i still prefer z3tr w zeit to it...

  2. pizza looks walaa alaaath

  3. i tried it tooo before i moved to dubai
    it was niceeee

  4. It's soooo yummmmmy!!

  5. danderma hehehe ur my kinda person..allah y3afech:*

    noon ilpizza mu alath mn lashya2 it is good..o hathi man2oosha bs looks like pizza..3induhum pizza..6alabnaha mara bs mathigtha, o yimdi7onha

    cheeky babe its been too long! it is nice:)

    babbleq8 it is:))

  6. Where is that. place located? is it in Dubai? I've tried Kadouche, I personally think it's the best but they need to work on their presentation skills specially packaging.