Friday, November 26, 2010

Travel Advice: My Stay at Leon's Place Hotel - Rome

Our second hotel. Created by Hotel Philosophy, the brand behind Maison Moschino in Milan.

Leon's Place Hotel is a design boutique quiet hotel set in a hundreds' of years old palace. Peaceful and very trendy. We loved everything about this 56 room hotel. The decor was impeccable, and inspirational. The lobby area centered with a velvet black swing coming becoming one with the huge crystal chandelier adorned with black feathers. Long velvet dark colored draperies. A contemporary theme made out of blacks, light greys, silvers, and purples. Sweetest staff. Great breakfast buffet in its eclectic fuschia colored restaurant. Large iPad-like screen in the reception area.

The only con to the hotel is its location. You need a taxi to go to other places in the city. I imagine the Spanish Steps' area to be approximately a 30+ min walk from the hotel. It is located in the Via XX Settembre, a very elegant part of the city, where you will find luxury hotels like the St. Regent Hotel close by.


  1. Your way of describing anything always makes it more appealing to me haha. Did you try the swing?

  2. No, I was kinda afraid I'll break it or worst, cause the chandelier to fall! Although one of the hotel personel assured me it was ok and I had to try it

  3. Great pictures.Thanks for the useful theme. I've been in thid hotel and it is amazing there. Regards from Waldorf Roma

  4. Beautiful interior. The person who has strong imagination power can become a successful Interior designer. If your imagine power is not good then how can you imagine beautiful interiors.