Saturday, November 20, 2010

Travel Advice: Hotel De Russie- Rome

In Rome, Italy, we stayed in two hotels and this Rocco Forte hotel was the first one. I read so much about it and one of the main reasons I chose Hotel De Russie is because of its classic elegance plus its location. It was known for accommodating various celebrities. But it was way too expensive that I stayed there for 3 nights only. Plus our room was a big disappointment with how much we paid! Other than that everything was perfect. The location was truly superb, exactly on Piazza Popolo, on Via Babuino street, near Villa Borghese, Spanish Steps, Via Condotti, and Via Corso (shopping streets). You can also walk all the way to other places like Piazza Navona and to the Trevi Fountain. There were a lot of good restaurants and cafes around.

The room was spacious though. There's a type of suite that has a balecony that looks directly on to Piazza Popolo. There were room that look into their Jardins de Russie restaurant. Sadly, our window looked into an alleyway. So if you do book in this beautiful hotel, specifically ask for one that has a good view. The hotel staff and service were impeccable! They were super sweet that they provided a room early due to our really early morning flight. Room service is great. Nothing was amiss. Their concierge are extremely helpful and we even got a last minute booking to Galleria Borghese, and this is a place you have to book a week or so ahead!

We had dinner at their Jardins de Russie restaurant. If the weather was warmer we could've sat in their garden balecony, which is magnificent. This is a must in warmer months. As or breakfast, we mostly had it in the vicinity of our room, and I fell hard for their porridge and hot chocolate.
Piazza Popolo

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