Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Haleeb o Hail

A couple of days ago, my friend and I had some errands to run in Soog Al-Mubarkiya. After walking for a while, we were in the mood to sit in a quiet cafe. What better place the Haleeb o Hail. Both of us have never been there, everytime we wanted to go something came up. So it was our chance to stop by.

It wasn't that quiet, there were a few tables outside that were occupied mainly by men, so we sat in the quieter area in the balecony. It was a shame to sit inside because the weather was amazing, a bit chilly.

I'm not a milk lover, I actually gag when I try to force myself to have some. So becoming the "health conscious" person I am trying to be by trying to get as much calcium and vitamins these days, I wanted to try 7aleeb Za3faran (Saffron Milk), as a safer option. I was so proud of myself for drinking the whole mug! It didn't taste like milk at all, it was very aromatic, so there was no gagging. The desserts were kind of ok, but I was more into the milk. They gave us a test sample of hot goat's milk topped with saffron and cardamom. It had a wierd taste but nonetheless I had a sip, to my friend's dismay. Perfume, was how it tasted like. I don't think people would ever go for it.
Saffron Milk, Rahash (ground sesame) Cake, and Halwa (Arabic goowy sweet)
 Hot Dog Sandwich and Girs Agaili (saffron and cardamom) Cake
 Spiced goat milk
Haleeb o Hail in winter


  1. you dont like milk ?
    how old are you , 12 ?

    i still dont buy it: fancy gir9 3gaily ? posh rahash ? hot dog sandwich ? lol

    next time i recommend a giant kushari bowl and half a litre of tea (dont forget the chilli sauce) :>

  2. I have never been to Haleeb o Hail cafe... madry laish i feel it's overrated.. yeswa el 3anwa?

    o i am a big fan of milk, i wouldn't mind drinking milk 24 hours a day directly from the bottle with a straw... but goats milk? NO WAY! You are quite adventurous :D

    3lekom bel 3afiya :D

  3. y3ne u dont recommend it ? :P

  4. q8othug lol! u'd b surprised how many girls dont love milk..oooh that kinda food is when im in dalag i'shail side..we just wanted drinks:) the "posh" cakes were a mistake

    danderma it is VERY overrated..if u like milk and ur shopping there then yiswa, otherwise lata3anain ila itha tben tg3ideen bara bilishta:) allah y3afeech

    justnoon..7ag il7aleeb bas:P