Saturday, November 27, 2010

Travel: Gelato - Rome

I mentioned earlier, how you can never have enough gelato in Rome, Italy. They're so delicious, and even though it was winter, you saw people rushing to the gelato cafes or walking around holding a gelato cone or cup like it was summertime. I for one is an ice-cream person, a passion I renewed for the past 2 years. But gelato is something else. I've been to lots of their cafes, but sadly didn't get the chance to take notes with the names or take pictures. But I've got three places, a must and are famous for being the top gelateria in Rome.

Della Palma
A gelateria plus a candy shop located near the Pantheon. This place is huge compared to other gelaterias we've been to. It has been recommended to us by an Italian we met there. He said this is the place to go for the best gelato and that this gelateria had 100+ flavors! Its true, the gelato fridge displays went on forever, I had to walk for a while to make my choices. If you think this name rings a bell, New Yorkers/New York goers, its because they have a branch in The Big Apple..
My flavors: Dupplo, dark chocolate/orange, and vanilla.
For those of you who don't know what dupplo is, its a Kinder bueno-like chocolate.  It is so good and very heavy, I have to warn. And just in case you were wondering, they do have a bueno flavor.
Location: Via della Maddalena 20/23
 Gelateria Del Teatro
I have learned about this through the LUXE Rome pamphlet. A 5 minute walk from Piazza Navona. Marking it in the map, and following directions was not easy for this quiet little gelateria. We got ourselves lost, it was dark, and the alleyways and streets were semi-deserted, plus the area was for pedestrians only. I ditched the map, we walked around randomly, thinking of ditching the idea of checking out this place. Then, Viola, we found it. If it wasn't for the gelato cone picture in the street, no one would find this shop. Flavors in display were unique.
Flavors: Lemon cheesecake, Sicilian almond, pure chocolate, and apple/cinammon.
All these flavors were good. The lemon cheesecake did taste like lemon infused ricotta and the apple/cinammon tasted like apple crumble.
Location: Via Di San Simone 70.
Now this place is pretty famous, and even though I had the cafe name on my list based on reviews I have come across and from what I have read in my city booklets, a lot of people told me to try it. It's located near Via Del Corso, you will actually see their sign on Piazza Colona (located on the Via). When we arrived, it reminded me of Laduree, very classic and vintage looking. Once you go inside, there's an endless que for the gelato. I took a ricotta tart, chose a table outside, and waited in line. It was so crowded I did not have the chance to look at all their flavors, there was not a lot of them. Finaly saw people from our part of the continent there! Once I got back to our table, wanting to enjoy the weather, the most abnoxious waiter told me no gelato cup eater should be seated! I looked around quiet true everyone was standing and pissed at this stupid rule! I told him I had a tart plate. He shruged and said in Italian, that just drinks were allowed. I'm pretty sure the tart was to be eaten in the table otherwise they wouldn't have given me a plate. But he was ashamed when I mentioned the tart and being the arrogant man he was said "no". We were really angry I grabbed the tart for "takeaway" and we left giving him a dirty look. An American who've been told the same, mentioned something like, what kind of a country is this, that whenever they ordered they are always told not to sit!
Flavors:  Chocolate, crema (vanilla), and riso (yes, that's rice and its so good).
Location: Via Uffici Del Vicario 40
A gelateria, I haven't had the chance to, but is worth a visit:
Gelateria San Crispino. They have unique flavors like ginger and honey. Closed on Tuesdays.
Location: Via Di Panetteria 42


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