Saturday, November 20, 2010

FourMe is Cured

I have never been happier with any news this year! This is the news I've been waiting for.

FourMe, my beautiful hero, the person I am most thankful for, who wanted to be there for me when it was her who was going through a hard time herself, is finally cancer free. She's a survivor mashallah. All our prayers, her strength and patience finally payed off! I am so proud of her. She has survived something not so many people would survive. May the disease never show its face in her life ever again.

Alf il7imdila wilshikir ya rab. 3asallah yrayi7 o yfari7 galbha o galb umha ya rab.

I love you so much babe!


  1. This is great news!!! I'm so happy for her. I've been following her blog ever since I've heard about her. She is a fighter and a survivor!
    3asa allah yeshafi kil mareeth yarab!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad for your friend! 7emdelah welsheker : )))

  3. Came across this blog and I like it so much, mashaallah! For your friend I wish all the best inshaallah and for you too!


  4. ma vie ameen!

    vintage & anonymous 7imdila:)

    bosnishmuslima thank you so much! I'm glad you did:)

  5. It's fantastic news!!
    If I was a guy, I'd totally french kiss her right now! LOL
    and yes, inshallah that ugly BIG C never comes near her every again, if it does, i'll beat it with a big stick!