Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eighty 6 Bistro's Relocation

For you die hard Eighty 6 Bistro eaters like myself, I wanted you to know, that their Avenue's venue will be closing on December 1st. Don't fear, for they will be relocating to another place with a great new decor.

Heart! Its my favorite restaurant! And it should be yours too. We were just wondering the other day, that its such a shame that its always so quiet when the food was one of the best we ever had. And its location was probably the thing that made people not know about it or go to it. So I'm glad they're moving.

My two posts on the first two visits to the restaurants, just in case you missed the reviews:
Eighty 6 Bistro
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  1. I was told it will be relocated next to The burger hub area but it will have totally new menu and some of its popular dishes will be served in the burger hub "burger spring rolls" and other restaurant.
    Plus, they will have new branches in al-bidaa3 :)

    By the way did you try their new shawarmaa concept in shi3ib? So good :)

  2. OH! thats a great location, kinda (with the parking i mean):/ But a much better location, although I liked the fact that its quiet.
    Yes Me2armisha, I have a post on their shawarma. I had it in Ramadhan during their opening. I like it so much I've had it 7 times now:p

  3. eeeh zain ysawoon , 7araam mokanah ghala6 mad3oos , when i first went there i was like huh wenaah ? i can see the sign but i couldnt find it , i was going back and forth searching for it :S

  4. justnoon heheh true..3ad they put a waiter near napket so ppl do know its there..

    nunu-san Yes, one of the best:)