Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Colds' Hot Candy

I know the flu season is almost over, but I know some people who just caught the bug. So I wanted to review this "medical" candy, Ginger Chews, which I have been having for about 5 years now and like so much.
I was surprised to find that we have it here in Kuwait specifically in The Sultan Center (in the chocolates and candy section). I usually get mine from Harvey Nichols, London.

I used to have it when I had fluenza or when I travelled to a really cold place. It warms you up real good inside. Its a chewy candy that mainly tastes of ginger but this one is spicy apple flavor. I like. Whenever you feel cold and need warming up, just chew this spicy candy and it'll make you feel so good and warm.

Also available in orginal ginger, peanut, and hot coffee flavors. But I prefer the spicy apple one, and that's the one available at TSC.

It was named "Best Candy" at the 2000 Scovie Awards.


  1. i dont know if im going to like its taste . i dont usually like hot gigner drink , is it the same?

  2. not exactly..its sweet and spicy ,,the sweetness ya6ghi 3ala 7ail ydafi when its cold or ur feeling cold